Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Amazing Podcast

Hey All you lovely Friends, here is a link to an amazing podcast on worship by one my favorite people to hear speak, Ray will make you laugh and cry.....

We love you all and miss you so much here in Sophia!


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Completely overwhelmed in the most beautiful way...

Hi guys,
I am more than settled back in Norway and I am having such an amazing time being back here. I have more responsibilities now that I am a second year student in YWAM. My class is so great - I am pretty much always laughing. The joy of the Lord has enveloped and enraptured me in every possible way; its overwhelming. We have been learning about the fear of the Lord and it has been so good! He has ruined me... I have been more than challenged... I have been CHANGED. What a wonderful message we carry. We have each been intrusted with the gospel and it is a privelige to tell one about Christ and His love, and He is SO worth it all! I was challenged to talk to people on the street the other day about Jesus... like, how does one start a conversation off without creeping someone out? In Europe especially it is more difficult. But I went for it, and started talking to an ex drug addict about what I was doing in Norway and offered him some chocolate... as the conversation went on I was prompted by the Spirit to tell this man that he had a Father in heaven that loved him. Of course, I felt a little dumb and it was so typical for me to say something like that. But as I told him about the Father he had in heaven, he paused and had a sad look. This mans father had abandoned him at a very young age and he has been searching for him for many years. A few years ago he finally found his fathers telephone number, called him and was immediately rejected yet again. As I listened to his story, I just felt the love of God for him in a way I had never experienced. I gathered up the boldness to tell the gospel and asked him if he REALLY wanted to accept Jesus, and sure enough he did! So exciting to be used by God in such a way. My friend Robert and I will meet up with him two or three times a month to see how he is doing.
But yeah, basically I am doing so great! I love this country... and Europe in general... this is where I am called.
Just know that I am praying often for each of you!
If you ever want to send me some mail... that would be very encouraging ;)
the address is on my facebook as well as in the blog address book.

Love you guys so much.
Keep updating !