Wednesday, March 9, 2011



you all are fantastic still.

you each still hold a special place in my heart.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

one of those little things...

January Wedding came on at work today. I thought of all of you, and remembered laughing over that song with you. It really brightened my day.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Amazing Podcast

Hey All you lovely Friends, here is a link to an amazing podcast on worship by one my favorite people to hear speak, Ray will make you laugh and cry.....

We love you all and miss you so much here in Sophia!


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Completely overwhelmed in the most beautiful way...

Hi guys,
I am more than settled back in Norway and I am having such an amazing time being back here. I have more responsibilities now that I am a second year student in YWAM. My class is so great - I am pretty much always laughing. The joy of the Lord has enveloped and enraptured me in every possible way; its overwhelming. We have been learning about the fear of the Lord and it has been so good! He has ruined me... I have been more than challenged... I have been CHANGED. What a wonderful message we carry. We have each been intrusted with the gospel and it is a privelige to tell one about Christ and His love, and He is SO worth it all! I was challenged to talk to people on the street the other day about Jesus... like, how does one start a conversation off without creeping someone out? In Europe especially it is more difficult. But I went for it, and started talking to an ex drug addict about what I was doing in Norway and offered him some chocolate... as the conversation went on I was prompted by the Spirit to tell this man that he had a Father in heaven that loved him. Of course, I felt a little dumb and it was so typical for me to say something like that. But as I told him about the Father he had in heaven, he paused and had a sad look. This mans father had abandoned him at a very young age and he has been searching for him for many years. A few years ago he finally found his fathers telephone number, called him and was immediately rejected yet again. As I listened to his story, I just felt the love of God for him in a way I had never experienced. I gathered up the boldness to tell the gospel and asked him if he REALLY wanted to accept Jesus, and sure enough he did! So exciting to be used by God in such a way. My friend Robert and I will meet up with him two or three times a month to see how he is doing.
But yeah, basically I am doing so great! I love this country... and Europe in general... this is where I am called.
Just know that I am praying often for each of you!
If you ever want to send me some mail... that would be very encouraging ;)
the address is on my facebook as well as in the blog address book.

Love you guys so much.
Keep updating !


Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Today i watched the last episode of the new season of the real world on MTV. Such a stupid but entertaining show. Basically its a bunch of random people from everywhere that come together, live together and work together for 3 monthes. A being the last episode its all about the memories and the emotional goodbyes. And today this reminded of our goodbyes....

I am just amazed at how wonderful the Father is and how every single moment fitted so perfectly together to make our hearts come alive and beat as one, with each other and the Father. Everything came in perfect timing.

Every moment of laugher, every moment of pain, every physical injury, every tear that was shed, ever hide away moment, every contemplation, every surfacing memory, every late night, every breeze, every rock thrown in the lake, every candle lit, every word in our journals, every vision seen, every word heard, every battle fought, every word screamed, every fist pounded, every song sung, every dance danced, every touch given, every car ride driven, every stride through the field, every stroke of a paint brush, every drum beat, ever cry heard, every declaration voiced, every prayed said.

Everything was created in perfect harmony to create a special love and a solid family bond that will never be broken by changes or time.

Today i remember.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

If you wanna be cool, come to this.

So you'll look a lot like this rabbit if you come to this. Now i understand many of you are living in Australia and Peru and such places as these, but thats ok because we wont judge you for not coming. You already look like this rabbit any way.
All of you are invited to come to the grand state of Georgia with us in october to the next World Race Training Camp. Its gonna be rad. We would really love if all of you that can make it would come. Cause we love you. Here is some of the general information and if you have any other questions I will put my email adress at the bottom, don't hesitate to ask me anything.

-Date- Friday Oct. 15- Tuesday Oct. 19

-Location- Cartersville, GA....Same place as last time

-Cost for the Food, Lodging and Travel will be $30 person

-Meet at the farm Friday night at 8 pm for coffee, desert and connect time.
-If you can't be here Friday night that is fine but you must be here by 8:30 Saturday morning, we will be leaving at 9am.
-We will be leaving "APFTH" around 9:00 AM on Saturday Morning
-We would get back to "APFTH" around 4:00 on Tuesday Afternoon

-Everyone will be responsible for food on the way down to the retreat on Saturday and for the food on the road trip back. We will stop for Lunch and Dinner on Saturday and we will stop for Breakfast and Lunch on Tuesday. You will be responsible for 4 meals total on the road, and any extra coffee breaks.

-WE MUST HAVE AN RSVP BY October 8, 2010.

-This trip will look the same as our last trip so please bring the following:
>sleeping bag

My email is

Im looking foward to seeing all of you!
Email me for other questions.
I love all yousins!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

face your fears!!!

Hi everybody. This is just a bit of a journal entry from a little while ago, that I think would be a good thing to share with you all. I was feeling a bit lonely one day, and just about ready to shut down, but I got my journal and had out with it. Here it is-

August 25th, 2010
I will not hide from this loneliness.
I will not cower at the sight of its face.
I will not fear it as an imminent doom. For you see- I have been shown the truth of the matter, and the truth of it is,
I am created for friendship. Friendship was created for me. I will not walk alone the rugged face of this earth- the hills and valleys, the desserts and oceans. I was created for the joy of friendship, the extravagance of community, and I will not walk alone.
So loneliness, I remember your face. I knew you, once I knew you well. But I have said to you my sweet goodbye- you will not be my companion any longer. I let go of your hand at apple hill. I left you there on the shore while I climbed into my Papa's arms and let him sail me away and show me the truth-
I am loved by love.
I am love.
I am more than I could ever imagine.
And I will not walk alone.

And then, on August 28th I was just sitting down to create something of some sort, and I wrote this little blurb-

I can feel the beauty of words, as they mush around inside and slowly leak through my fingertips, onto the page.
I can feel the beauty of words as they saturate my hands and start to drip onto the floor.
I can feel the beauty of words as I slosh around in this puddle I've created,
I can feel the beauty of words.

There was a cool picture that went with that one, of a hand being pulled out of water and dripping.
I miss you all an immense amount.
Thank you for being my family and helping me to face my fears.
I love you all.