Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Today i watched the last episode of the new season of the real world on MTV. Such a stupid but entertaining show. Basically its a bunch of random people from everywhere that come together, live together and work together for 3 monthes. A being the last episode its all about the memories and the emotional goodbyes. And today this reminded of our goodbyes....

I am just amazed at how wonderful the Father is and how every single moment fitted so perfectly together to make our hearts come alive and beat as one, with each other and the Father. Everything came in perfect timing.

Every moment of laugher, every moment of pain, every physical injury, every tear that was shed, ever hide away moment, every contemplation, every surfacing memory, every late night, every breeze, every rock thrown in the lake, every candle lit, every word in our journals, every vision seen, every word heard, every battle fought, every word screamed, every fist pounded, every song sung, every dance danced, every touch given, every car ride driven, every stride through the field, every stroke of a paint brush, every drum beat, ever cry heard, every declaration voiced, every prayed said.

Everything was created in perfect harmony to create a special love and a solid family bond that will never be broken by changes or time.

Today i remember.

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  1. bethany, this is beautiful. im so glad you posted this. moments.. i, too, choose to remember.