Saturday, September 4, 2010

face your fears!!!

Hi everybody. This is just a bit of a journal entry from a little while ago, that I think would be a good thing to share with you all. I was feeling a bit lonely one day, and just about ready to shut down, but I got my journal and had out with it. Here it is-

August 25th, 2010
I will not hide from this loneliness.
I will not cower at the sight of its face.
I will not fear it as an imminent doom. For you see- I have been shown the truth of the matter, and the truth of it is,
I am created for friendship. Friendship was created for me. I will not walk alone the rugged face of this earth- the hills and valleys, the desserts and oceans. I was created for the joy of friendship, the extravagance of community, and I will not walk alone.
So loneliness, I remember your face. I knew you, once I knew you well. But I have said to you my sweet goodbye- you will not be my companion any longer. I let go of your hand at apple hill. I left you there on the shore while I climbed into my Papa's arms and let him sail me away and show me the truth-
I am loved by love.
I am love.
I am more than I could ever imagine.
And I will not walk alone.

And then, on August 28th I was just sitting down to create something of some sort, and I wrote this little blurb-

I can feel the beauty of words, as they mush around inside and slowly leak through my fingertips, onto the page.
I can feel the beauty of words as they saturate my hands and start to drip onto the floor.
I can feel the beauty of words as I slosh around in this puddle I've created,
I can feel the beauty of words.

There was a cool picture that went with that one, of a hand being pulled out of water and dripping.
I miss you all an immense amount.
Thank you for being my family and helping me to face my fears.
I love you all.


  1. we love you sara. keep facing your fears and embracing the ocean that embraces you. get lost. get found. get loved. God is alive in you! don't doubt it.

  2. Sarah!! Beautiful. I can hear the beauty of your words...I can feel them. I love your beauty and how much it expresses itself. I can't even say how amazing you are. You are beautiful beautiful beautiful just the way that you are. SOO beautiful. I love you and think about you a LOT. :) Love you!