Wednesday, September 1, 2010

& Did our hearts not burn within us?

Hello wonderful friends, First of all, I have to say ... those videos are amazing! What talented dancers you all are ;)But Anyway, I leave for Norway on Monday [Sept 6] and I just wanted to give a little update before I head back to the crisp Norwegian air sweetly kissing my cheeks. (The fall season has just begun there!) Being home has been really good and although it is hard to get things done without a car, I have so enjoyed being with my family and I have realized how deeply I love each of them, but more importantly how much Jesus loves them. God has given me new eyes to see them only in a state of grace, and like my tattoo says- Grace finds beauty in everything – it makes beauty out of the ugly things. I also realize how much I miss each of you; it seems that no matter where I am, I am in a constant state of missing someone... somewhere....somehow. But like Jessie said, it is such a gift to miss someone. I am so loved by so many people & I have friends ALL over the world; it is remarkable. What a gift from God... to be so loved by so many.

Tonight was quite comical. About a week ago, as I was attempting to raise support, a local missionary contacted me and asked if I could speak at his church on missions night. I was in the newspaper about a month ago... they wrote an article on my travels and that is how he found out about me. But anyhow, I agreed to speak at his church, but let's be honest, I mainly did it because the man said we would take up an offering. I arrive at the Baptist church and was greeted by some nice Southern women who talked their bouffant-haired heads off about how I was doing such a wonderful thing. At that moment I was so overjoyed and felt the love of the Father. What a privilege it is to do what I love. From a young age I have wanted to travel and tell about the love that I have encountered so strongly. Culture, language, hearing peoples stories,traveling, history, really loving & not judging... those things are what I live for! My call is so different from so many others and how blessed am I to be able to pursue it. So after a BBQ and a few good ol' hymns, I got up on that stage and told them about the love of the Father and what it has inspired me to do. I spoke about all the things I had learned in my DTS and the things I will be doing; that was the first time I really really verbalized all of the things I learned. I talked for thirty minutes straight and probably could have talked all night because I had so much to tell and it was burning in my heart so strongly to tell someone. I didn't realize how much I wanted to tell my story until I told it. I want to go my whole life telling people all the awesome things God has done through my life and I am just glad He is my story, and I want to tell that story until the day I die, because when I tell the story... I come alive. Also, I raised over $1,000.00 and that is such a huge deal! I only am in need of $700.00 more for my tuition. Praisum! After the service, I went to the back to shake hands (I just laughed inside my head when they asked me to, but I gladly did so, of course!) and people were so supportive of what I was doing and the truth is, I didn't know any of them, but I loved them.

So as I embark on another adventure I will surely hold each of you in my heart. Maybe I will send some post cards around when I findthe money... one at a time, I guess. I miss you all and truly adore each one of you. I wouldn't mind if you kept me in your prayers and sent me a kind letter or email every now and then either ;) I will put a picture of us on my wall ...if David ever posts the group photo or the one the dig. Photography elective did - In the words of Josh/Miriam “take your time”.

Love you/Gla i deg!,

Cassie/Mama Cass/Cassandra/your semi-Norwegian friend

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  1. Cassie, I love that. What a great story. I'm so excited to hear your stories from Norway when you get back, they're gonna be so ill!