Thursday, September 16, 2010

If you wanna be cool, come to this.

So you'll look a lot like this rabbit if you come to this. Now i understand many of you are living in Australia and Peru and such places as these, but thats ok because we wont judge you for not coming. You already look like this rabbit any way.
All of you are invited to come to the grand state of Georgia with us in october to the next World Race Training Camp. Its gonna be rad. We would really love if all of you that can make it would come. Cause we love you. Here is some of the general information and if you have any other questions I will put my email adress at the bottom, don't hesitate to ask me anything.

-Date- Friday Oct. 15- Tuesday Oct. 19

-Location- Cartersville, GA....Same place as last time

-Cost for the Food, Lodging and Travel will be $30 person

-Meet at the farm Friday night at 8 pm for coffee, desert and connect time.
-If you can't be here Friday night that is fine but you must be here by 8:30 Saturday morning, we will be leaving at 9am.
-We will be leaving "APFTH" around 9:00 AM on Saturday Morning
-We would get back to "APFTH" around 4:00 on Tuesday Afternoon

-Everyone will be responsible for food on the way down to the retreat on Saturday and for the food on the road trip back. We will stop for Lunch and Dinner on Saturday and we will stop for Breakfast and Lunch on Tuesday. You will be responsible for 4 meals total on the road, and any extra coffee breaks.

-WE MUST HAVE AN RSVP BY October 8, 2010.

-This trip will look the same as our last trip so please bring the following:
>sleeping bag

My email is

Im looking foward to seeing all of you!
Email me for other questions.
I love all yousins!

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