Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I didn't know coming home would be this hard or this beautiful. When i got home i walked up in my room i laid in my bed with my arms wrapped around my history book, sang Jessie's song and wept. I watched my little 9 year old brother peek his head in my doorway, and instead of yelling at him to go away i just let him watch me and listen to my song and my heartbreak. There was a moment where i felt my heart tell his heart "see little brother, its ok to cry." (Crying is something that is considered a weakness in our house.) I'm not afraid to be myself around my home. I didn't put any shields up when i walked through my front door. I was just the lover that i am and the lover ya'll spoke over me on Thursday night. I have had SO many arrows shot at me in the past 4 days, but instead of putting up a wall to protected myself, i have buried myself in the fathers arms and let him protect me. And in doing that, not one family member has received the reaction they were looking for to rise out of me. There is nothing the feels better then making my heavenly father proud and watching the faces of my family members when i just walk away from a situation with a smile and singing my song. I see everything and everyone SO differently. Its so beautiful. I never thought i would be able to do this on my own. I have surprised myself. I love and miss ya'll so much!

OH and i just want you guys to know that my best friends mom (who is a nurse) looked at my ankle and told me i definitely tore and bunch of ligaments and stuff but she said that it is extremely, EXTREMELY rare that someone dislocates their ankle without a break. She said its a miracle. And i told her "No, it was the healing prayers from my brothers and sisters." :)



  1. so proud of you! that is so wonderful, bethany!

  2. bethany, that was powerful! WOW. you are really a new person. it is amazing, God's kingdom really is about stuff like how we interact with brothers and our families. everything changes from inside of you out. God is so good! thank you for sharing that moment of your story with us. love you so much!

  3. I am so proud of you Bethy. I love you.